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"Buddha Christ Consciousness" 24x36 Canvas Print - Gallery Wrap 1.5" Depth No Frame Neccesary ready to be hang'


Christ Consciousness is the path of heartfulness… it is a yin or an immanent path. Where Buddha Nature is the path of mindfulness… it is yang and is a transcendent path. Both can work together or independently. Mind and Heart work with the soul’

Throughout my life Ive had a deep connection with Christian Values and a Buddhist Path’ However I know all the dogma and fear people like to thread into their religion’ This I find completely repulsive and full of greed’ But I kept my spiritual path without the fear and lust to control others, as many christians I know they claim to follow those values’ The buddha nature is what keeps me balanced in that regard … and to be at peace with the now’

The present is infinite when we realize its the only point in time that matters’ Thats when Lifes a party’ RAISE DA ROOF!

"Buddha Christ Consciousness" 24x36 Canvas Print

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