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"Medusa Rising" 40"x30" Canvas Gallery Wrap ready to hang


 It is widely known that she was an malignant entity but in truth her symbol is about the divine power and intelligence of the feminine energy or anima. The source of reincarnation and wisdom. Hence the symbol use of snakes. In the myth it is a basic representation of the animus or male energy conquering the witching craft and power of the female that can overthrow any king or such. In a civilization where Patriarchy is the common system we’ve been thought that women are the lesser beings when in fact I see it as the opposite. They are our mothers, sisters, wife’s and daughters who protect and care above, who have the intuition and closer rhythms to the cosmic course. They bear our birth and the pain and ecstasy that creates the universe within and throughout. However I believe that that those who are able to channel both their masculine or animus and feminine anima energy in a balanced state is when one can understand the human condition and spiritual progression. Here Medusa rises from the ashes of her decapitation, our psychical body can be casted into a million pieces but the entity or idea is eternal.

"Medusa Rising" 40"x30" Canvas Gallery Wrap

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